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Not all mail makes it.
We will post as time permits.

Jeff Austin writes: I own a 1990 SS, black, 31000 miles, no mods, 3rd owner. The last owner drove it 12000 miles, over 5 years. Old man let it sit in the back yard. He actually had it Ziebarted and there is no rust at all. I love the truck... only complaint is the obvious gas mileage problem. Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Austin

Ryan Carter writes: General Auto is my business. An auto parts store, so I'm constantly looking for performance mods for my truck.It is good to know that the American dollar is worth 30 cents more than the Canadian counterpart so if anyone needs to order anything some substantial savings can be had.

Ryan Carter

John Unterwagner Writes: Do you read Hemmings Motor News? There are consistantly 3 or 4 SS454's advertised there each month, most with very low miles, two months ago there were two different ones with 90 miles on the odometer. When mine gets worn out, I plan to buy a new one!

John Unterwagner

I'm very interested in a 454SS club, afterall these are elite machines, much like the almighty Corvette. Used to own a 1990 454SS, but couldn't get it past a gas station. I now have a 1993 454SS with the 4-speed automatic. The 4-speed transmission is wonderful addition which gives it tremendous power even at high speeds. The four speed even assists in delivering reasonable gas mileage. I would appreciate information about a hyperchip trade out (looking for more power without much modification to the system). There are so many manufacturers of chips, is there a prefered version. The club is a great idea. Let me know...

Just found our page today. I have a 1990 454 SS with a mark 5 block (502 cu. inch) from chevy, Dart Merlin oval port heads, hyd. roller crane cam (high lift and duration with 114 degree lobe centers) dart intake. Installed last year was a P1200 race procharger which blows thru 2 three core intercollers. This blows thru a 750 holly carb, presently. I have ordered DFI from supershops with 55 lb. injectors as the carb. It has bad drivability problems around town but is excellent at the track. The truck is lowered 4/7 with control arms and springs up front and a flip kit in the rear. The wheeles are AZEV 17 inch which are 8.5 in the front and 10 in the rear. A note for you 17 inch wheele buyers. I've seen so many articles where many truckers use 17 inch wheeles with 10 inch width in the rear and use 275 mm with tires. You can go much wider. I use 315/35/17 drag radials on the rears and 275/40/17's on the front's. I live here in Denver at 5200 feet of elevation. With 20% less oxygen available quarter mile times are usually 1 second slower than sea level. It ran 12.40 at 126 mph here in Denver on drag radials with SEVERE tire spin. Lets Talk.

IK. Skinner

Hi, I have a 1991 454SS Pickup with 35400 miles and no winters on it. It's all original with a few exceptions that the former owner made it it such a visor, snaps for bed cover a couple of holes in the dashboard for who knows what, and he sold the stock wheels off of it. I Plan to bring this truck back to its stock condition as money allows. He also installed a HyperTech Chip Which I think I will keep. Let me know more on the Club as it comes together.

What a cool page guys. Ever since I saw a 454SS the other day I have been in love with them. I really want to know how fast they are. I want to buy one and race it. I own a 1969 Pontiac GTO judge. it rips. it is so fast. Well later, Jeff.


Mike: Thanks for your help putting my want add on the 454SS web page. I am now the proud owner of a like new 93 SS 454 red pickup. I will be signing up for the SS 454 club very shortly. Thanks Again.

Bob Reinauer

I would be very interested in a 454SS club. I am second owner of a 90 model with 50,000 miles on it. It was bone stock when I got it 6 months ago. I have a completed project goal in mind and pretty much a step by step plan to get there. I really love my truck (my wife calls it my mistress].


Hi, I am searching for 454ss owners in Germany...!

Michael Lenffer

My name is Cy. At this moment, i am using my better half's computer. My e-mail address is:, if you need to reply. I am in the process of purchasing a '92 454SS. It has 39,000 miles on the odo and is in very good condition. No dings, no scratches, no stickers. I am not too knowledgable about the truck, YET. Am I correct in thinking that the 92 year has the new style "SS" on the sides? If and when I buy this bad boy, I definately will want to join some kind of club. As you can see, I live in Honolulu, and at present time I think there are only 7 or so 454SS's on the islands. I may be wrong, but I have waited 2 yrs, to finally find one in decent condition. I would like to know if the 454SS is a reliable truck. Is the motor solid like a rock, or is it a weak link. My other vehicle is a 1990 Corvette ZR-1. Even though the engine is very different from it's smaller SOHC siblings, it still is very solid and dependable. So now that I am going to own another rare Chevy, I'd like to know what I'm getting into. I hope to hear from you soon and be more active with my new toy and you other 454SS enthusiast. Aloha.


Actually, I've got a few shots of it and want to take a few more.... and I'd love to see them on the page. I've still got a little organizing to do under the hood before I'd let anybody peek at it. It's kinda stealthy looking... When I bought it (I'll have to tell you about that adventure some time!!) it didn't have the original wheels. Instead it had some really nice American Racing wheels. Well I'm not much of a flashy type (on the outside), so I sold them for some 'hot rod cash'. I then took a set of early Chevy truck Ralley wheels and blasted and painted them semi gloss black. Then I got a set of late model center caps to go on them. May not sound like much, but that sucker looks like it has a bad attitude!! At night this thing is INVISIBLE!! I'm gonna lower it "2 and 4" and go with a rear roll pan with the exhaust passing through, and I've got a really trick hood located. That should pull the package together pretty well. I do my own custom paint and airbrush work too and have a couple of very subtle touches I want to add. (I'll go into that later), have a great one.

Michael Nettles

I was just having a leisurely browse on the net and look what I found......A whole site devoted to the vehicle I was trying to find information on. I've spent the last two nights looking around and am amazed at the amount of info and effort that's gone into this site. Great work !! My friend and I both own 1990 454ss's, probably two of the 10 or so in Australia. Considering what they cost here, it's not surprising there are so few around. Both trucks are mildly tweaked with exhausts, chips etc but nothing serious, yet. I had planned to put a 502 that I have into mine, but then I saw that Mr Bob Hauk had beaten me to it. I then thought I would just have to go bigger again, but discovered that Mr Lingenfelter had that area sewn up too !. I guess I'll just have to go back to the drawing board again. Both of us here in Oz would be very interested in being listed on any mailing lists etc that are available.
Thanks again for a great site that's easy to get around.

Scott Campbell
PO Box 134
Cammeray, NSW
Australia 2062
Scott Campbell

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